29th Annual concerto competition

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Stay tuned for details about the 30th annual concerto competition which will take place in the fall of 2019.

Jonathan Kroll Pic 2.png

2018 Winner - Jonathan Kroll

Jonathan began piano lessons at age 10 studying with Jennifer Allred in his hometown of Bristol Vermont. A few years later he studied with Diana Fanning at Middlebury college. When Jonathan and his family moved to Indiana during high school he continued piano studies with Sylvia and Beverly Scott, current members of the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra. He is currently a junior at Indiana Wesleyan University studying with Dr. Phoenix Park-Kim in piano performance. Jonathan has hopes to one day become a film composer in Hollywood and use the gift of music to make a difference in the world. He cites musicians such as Leonard Bernstein and Daniel Barenboim as some of his leading musical philosophers in life as he also believes that music has the power to change not just the individual but the world, to quote Barenboim in his book Everything is Connected: The Power of Music “The power of music lies in its ability to speak to all aspects of the human being...music in short teaches us that everything is connected.”

Jonathan’s favorite composer is Beethoven and he says “when you listen to Beethoven’s music you are confronted with life itself; happiness, despair, tenderness, conflict, peace, anger, acceptance and struggle.” He also states that “The genius of Beethoven lies in his ability to produce music that sounds both unpredictable but also inevitable at the same time, to paraphrase Bernstein ‘It’s as if Beethoven had a telephone from God telling him what to write next’”. Jonathan’s favorite musical piece to listen to is Mozart’s Requiem he says “It is one of the very few pieces in all of music that truly reaches the sublime. Bach and late Beethoven were also able to achieve this transcendent quality in terms of expressivity and profoundness. It is the music of Heaven.”